Fanmade Keyword for Arena: DRAFT

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Fanmade Keyword for Arena: DRAFT

Postby Williamhawk » Fri Nov 24, 2017 2:06 am


I don't really play Arena frequently, but I do like to watch streamers who play and I know something or another about the current state of the game mode. After seeing the huge failure that were synergy picks, I decided to try to make something similar that would hopefully work better and actually improve the way you make your deck, so I came up with DRAFT.

When you draft a card with Draft, the next cards you'll be able to choose from will be the ones specified by that card. Additionally, it may have some other effects that last until your run ends.

The first card I made with Draft was Meanstreet Fighter. In Constructed it's absolute shit, but in Arena it is a VERY strong buff to Hunters and Warrior mainly, which is why I made it an Epic (also so you'd get some more dust from disenchanting this pile of crap). Next we have Gladiators' Foe, which is good in both game modes, maybe even more in Constructed as it's so synergystic. This one could potentially break Secret Hunter, but not by itself, I think.

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