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The Brony Show 104 links

Postby CrazymattCaptain » Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:14 am

TBS Plugged In Issue 13 and the Show Notes
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Preshow Vids:
Artificial Shybomb
Sweetie Sweetie Sweetie
My Little Commentary: The Musical
Village of the Dead
Rainbowdash Shylenol
My little ponies would trot 500 miles
Don't Stop
Until the sun

During the show:
Interview Guest: ChicMonster

Her Deviantart and her tumblr the Alicorn Chronicles

D-Pad's song about Circuit getting a date

Blanked Ink Monster

CC's makeshift Pankake Spectacular Afterparty ep. -12 (Oh here we go again Edition)
Solstice - Retrotype & DSPoker
SmileBrony Cover (woth original vocals removed)-Roseluck (Original by Turquoise Splash)
Time to Come Together (Equestria Girls) Metal version by Sicknessia
You Can't Fly Alone (Acoustic) Bronyrock - M Pallante
Battle of the Third Day's MoonRise - SlyphStorm
GDJP - Destiny
This Day Aria (MLP) - Cover By Kendra Masonchuck
MLP:FIM Battle Theme - Hard Pressed by Bokaj861
My Dad is a RockStar Intro - HD Quality
My Dad The Rockstar: Welcome To Silent Springs

Pinkie says do the CHICKEN DANCE and have Equestria Girls D-Pad

Have fun on the FORUMS,
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Have fun on the FORUMS,
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