Meet the newer webmaster ( ≖︵≖)

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Meet the newer webmaster ( ≖︵≖)

Postby gundead222 » Fri Nov 15, 2013 5:26 am

Alo! Alo! Everypony! and Mabuhay! (*cringe attack*) aw my celestia!! what have i done?! that was so CORNY!!

I'm RayoGundead(gundead222/Ruthinck the Starhead/punky punk gundead/Serph Nemorie) the new web developer here(level: Asian) and in some cases the tech support pony if something horrible happens that required going deep into the vat of documentations, configurations, applications, and codes.

I'm not good at introductions so just PM me at skype(RayoGundead) or help me do programming stuff at github(gundead222) if you're into that sort of thing.

Right now the status of the site is shockingly grim, since what I did is make heavy modifications on an already existing wordpress template until the old style is beyond recognition. Here are my plans:
  • Making a theme from scratch to achieve fine grained control and faster development
  • Integration with forums software(phpbb3)(accounts, posts, etc.)
  • Like what was planned by the glorious webdevs before me: MOAR PONIES!
  • Fan media submission form and gallery, either derpibooru style, or just plain thumbnails with links on them
  • Site and Forums be Mobile friendly
  • Whatever is missing

And if possible:
  • livestream chat at side of the forums
  • custom skin for livestream player
  • forums being a part of the main site
  • features based on sane and useful suggestions
  • web based mmorpg, better pony creator, whatever...LOL i dunno
  • The Brony Show Network looking like an actual network

NimbusBuster wrote: every coder know, reading and deciphering someone else's style can be somewhat of a pain.

So, I discarded everything that was the old main site, and substitute my own. For I have to finish the foundation for site as soon as possible if it were to be a continuous project and for us to be able to dump stuff there for the public to see ASAP.

For those who want to help out, suggest, or want to join the web design effort, respond to this thread.

Expect more changes to the site as I strive to achieve Awesome. /)^3^(\

Why am I cursed with being bad at english?!!
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