CmC Welcomes All to the FORUMS!!!

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CmC Welcomes All to the FORUMS!!!

Postby CrazymattCaptain » Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:58 pm

Ok now that I've make a huge change to the FORUMS maybe I should probably make a Intoduction post.
So, hi! I’m your insane FORUMS Admin, CmC. I've got some good thoughts to help make the place more user friendly and more inviting. I keep in contact with our webmaster to see what all can be done to make the place more enjoyable to the viewers.
About me? Why do you wanna know about me? ARE YOU A STALKER?!
I’m a crazy Michigander that gets lost in the UP during the school year, though I’m originally from the Mitten. I’m studying (hmm how to put this as to not confuse them…) ok the simple way to say it is what I truly consider to be a very general term to my field, “Genetics.”

If you wish to contact me I’m “CrazymattCaptian” basically everywhere on the net, just make sure I can understand that you are from here or I may ignore your request.

Some thoughts for the FORUMS:
images auto resize to fit the post. (an issue in the past that should be fixable)
linking accounts so others can network with each other easier: (if they’ll work)
-steam, skype, deviantart, youtube, Tumblr, Google+, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo Wii, Steam, Xfire and Origin
with the number of smiles newly added Smilies Categories would be a good thing
avatars shown on memberlist
avatar of last poster on Index and View Forum pages

Hmm. I think that’s it. If you have thoughts on how to better the FORUMS head to the “Suggestions” area and I’ll check it out.

Have fun on the FORUMS,
Your chat CmC :geek:
Pinkie Pie Space Core if it weren't for this vid I probably wouldn't be a brony.


Have fun on the FORUMS,
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