Custom Item Trading Information

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Custom Item Trading Information

Postby Williamhawk » Fri Nov 24, 2017 2:08 am


Custom Items that are not completed and in hand will no longer be allowed to be publically sold in this forum, if you have a completed custom that you would like to sell please do so in the marketplace.

All customs for sale MUST give proof that the item is finished, in the form of a good picture. Preferably, a pic of the actual item that is ready to ship (meaning, nobody shall post a pic of their well-done custom, but in reality sends people a far less impressive item.)

Only ONE custom/fanart per week, this is done for your protection to avoid being overwhelmed or backlogged.

No mention of price,cost or desire to buy will be allowed

No wait lists or want lists are going to be allowed, that is what email and Private Messages are for.

All currently running lists need to get a realistic deadline for when the items are done, or they will be deleted by the org. If the customizer doesn't manage to meet his set deadline, we will intervene. This is for the best interest of all parties involved.

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