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How do we biblically address sexual sin in the church

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:24 am
by Al1fundug
п»ї How good are you in bed?
How good are you in bed? Maybe at some point in your life you have asked, however, so you do not stay with the doubt, have launched a device that helps you measure your sexual performance in seconds.

The signature Bondara launches the SexFit, a device that you place in the penis to help you measure your sexual performance and track your history through an app that you can download to your cell phone.

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Improve your technique!

The Bondara SexFit has vibration (as if it were a sex toy) and the ability to control the blood flow for a better erection, as well as LED lights that turn on or off depending on the rhythm you wear.

Even this gadget helps you count the calories burned during the sex session, the time you used and other metrics that you can check from your cell phone.

The ring is connected to a mobile application through bluetooth, data that you can use as a history to improve your performance in bed, as well as share them on your social networks.

The company claims that the ring will be available for sale in 2015, however, they say that this product has the ability to end the monotony of their intimate life. And you, would you measure your sexual performance?
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