What should mother tells their daughters about sexual harras

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What should mother tells their daughters about sexual harras

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п»ї Does your bedroom color influence sex?
It is not a secret that colors influence our mood; However, a study details that the tone of your bedroom influences the amount of sex you have a week with your partner.

According to the study conducted by Travelodge, in the United Kingdom, the color of the room affects the activities that couples have within it, that is, from the hours they sleep to the times they have sexual relations

Paint your room purple or brown!

The researchers detail that people who have a purple bedroom have sex every day, while those who paint candy or coffee in the room have sex three times a week.

Meanwhile, people who paint their red bedroom have sex once a week, despite the fact that this tonality is related to passion.

Rest more!

In addition, the study specifies that tonality influences the number of hours people rest. For example, those who sleep in a gray, brown or purple room have a harder time falling asleep.

However, those who sleep in a blue bedroom rest around seven hours and 52 minutes each night.

So if you want to have more sex, change the color of your bedroom for coffee or purple, but do not forget that protection is important to reduce the risk of transmission of a sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy. wanted. And you, what color is your bedroom?

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