How to cure hormonal imbalance in females sexual dysfunction

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How to cure hormonal imbalance in females sexual dysfunction

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п»ї 5 tips to awaken your erotic intelligence and get more pleasure
Surely you are already aware that sexual relations are not just getting to bed and ready: satisfaction by magic. Getting more pleasure during sex involves making successful preambles and knowing how to use erotic intelligence.

For Esther Perel, psychotherapist and author of the book "Erotic Intelligence", the emotion comes from the hand of uncertainty, the enthusiasm to embrace the unknown. Because sexuality and emotional intimacy are two different languages.

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Pleasure that requires your senses

For her part Mabel Iam, who is also a psychotherapist and author of "Sex & the erotic lover", states that during sexual contact, concentration helps to recognize the different textures of the body, yours and your couple, which can be infinite and subtle.

That's why it's essential, says Iam, to exercise all the senses to enjoy sex in an intense way, and so that you can achieve it we share your strategies.

1. Touch blindly. To exercise your touch, perform the following exercise with your partner:

Take a handkerchief and cover your eyes, paying full attention while you caress. This exercise of blind investigation awakens the sense of hearing and helps to hear exciting whispers. "

2. What do you know? The expert points out that there are around 10 thousand taste buds that serve to discriminate the different flavors. The body emanates different tastes during the kiss, the recognition of each sensation generates greater satisfaction or ecstasy during sex.

3. Change the position. The change of postures during sex, several is recommended, provides more stimulation, but if the couple does not perform them with sufficient depth and erotic intelligence, it becomes a simple sexual exercise.

4. Smell and touch The author indicates that you should put in water the petals of a flower, such as jasmine or rose, and wait for it to be diluted between the fingers, creating an instant sensual perfume. With that aroma permeated in your hands you can touch your partner to excite him.

5. Taste, hearing, touch and sight. When they change positions immediately, stop for a moment and try some food that gives them flavors that are stimulating, not just eat it, watch it and taste it, listening to the sounds inside the mouth.

Also, if that same product is placed on the body, a strange and stimulating sensation arises. The foods can be varied: honey, cream, chocolate, sparkling wine; the important thing is to allow oneself to play. "

Esther Perel affirms that erotic intelligence also consists of creating a certain distance between the couple and then making life come alive in each space, so that there is desire, in having a space (physical, emotional, intellectual) that only belongs to you, because you do not have to show everything.

And you, what do you do to get more pleasure during sex?
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