What happens that causes them to reach sexual maturity

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What happens that causes them to reach sexual maturity

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п»ї Economic situation affects sexual satisfaction?
Within couples there are issues such as lack of communication or stress, which prevent them from reaching the maximum pleasure in sex. But there are also things that affect sexual satisfaction that go beyond the ordinary.

Researchers from the Public Health Agency of Barcelona (ASBP), indicate that people, women in a special way, with a high socioeconomic status claim to have better sex, contrary to those who live in a less favorable financial situation. .

Monetary concerns

The researchers analyzed data from the National Survey of Sexual Health of Spain, for which 2,365 women and 2,532 men, between 16 and 44 years old, all sexually active, were interviewed.

Early results indicate that 90% of men and women reported being very satisfied with their sex life in general, and 95% were pleased with the sexual relationships they had during the previous year.

Investigating further, experts confirmed that socio-economic factors affect respondents' sexual satisfaction.

People of lower socioeconomic status report being less sexually satisfied, which happens especially in the case of women, who seem to be more influenced by these factors, "explains Dolores Ruiz MuГ±oz, the study's lead author.

Another factor that the specialists analyzed was the safety of sexual relations, and found that people with less purchasing power have sex less safely.

Those who have a more disadvantaged socio-economic position tend to have less satisfying and less secure sex; as well as to suffer more abusive sexual experiences, "says Ruiz MuГ±oz.

Likewise, the study reveals that women tend to suffer more abusive sexual experiences than men and report having had less sexual satisfaction during their first relationship.

Known origins

For his part, Vicente Bataller, sexologist, psychotherapist and president of SexГіlogos sin Frontera, affirms that when a person has internal and external problems, such as not having an income, it affects their desire, decreasing the frequency and the quality of sexual relations.

The above is a fairly logical explanation that lack of money is one of the things that affect sexual satisfaction as the study states. Do you think the same thing happens to Mexicans? Has it happened to you?

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