What could be considered sexual harassment in the workplace

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What could be considered sexual harassment in the workplace

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most popular sex toys for women

п»ї 3 factors that prevent orgasms in Mexican women

The reasons why a woman can not reach the climax can range from feminine issues to couples, but it is a situation that increasingly prevails in Mexico, and the risk factors for not having an orgasm have been little studied here.

A new study from the department of urology of the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition "Salvador Zubiran" (INCMNSZ), defines the orgasmic dysfunction as the inability to achieve an orgasm or a marked delay to reach it and the decrease remarkable of the orgasmic sensations.
What affects us?

To decipher the risk factors that cause more and more young Mexicans to present orgasmic dysfunction, the INCMNSZ researchers examined a representative sample of women from Mexico City, aged between 18 and 40 years. .

After using different techniques to measure the relationship between risk factors and sexual function, the researchers found that the prevalence of orgasmic dysfunction was 13.8%.

And they point out that the factors that cause this alteration most significantly are:

1. Marital status of single

2. Lower educational level

3. Dissatisfaction with the thickness / size of your partner's penis

The conclusion of the researchers is that orgasmic dysfunction is a frequent alteration in young women, and that the mentioned factors are definitely related to their appearance.

In order to eradicate the risk factors for not having an orgasm that occur in women, it is important to see a specialist. Your help and treatment may allow you to develop a pleasurable sexual life.

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