How many people are affected by sexual orientation discrimin

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How many people are affected by sexual orientation discrimin

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п»ї Single parents enjoy more sex

Maybe you think that having children can limit your sex life, because you do not have the same time to attend to your intimacy; however, this becomes a myth, according to a study by the University of Nevada and the Kinsey Institute.

The research published in the Journal of Sex Research details that single parents have the same sex as those who do not have children.

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They enjoy the same experiences!

Scientists detail that divorced parents, even those with very young children, have the same number of sexual encounters as single men.

"It is presumed that single parents of young children invest less time and effort of mating, that is, they dedicate less time and energy to seek, find and maintain a sexual relationship, focus on being parents," affirms the scientists

However, the study shows the opposite. In addition, they emphasize that single-parent families with children under the age of five are more sexually active than single parents with older children.

So if for reasons of fate you were left alone to educate your child, do not worry, you will not have to sacrifice your sex life, just to raise your little one. And you, how many times a month do you have intimate encounters?

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