Has trumps presidency triggered the movement against sexual

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Has trumps presidency triggered the movement against sexual

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п»ї Sex without faith is better?

Beyond caresses, desires and eroticism, in the sexual act is often present remorse or grief, but what has religion to do with this factor that diminishes pleasure?

According to an investigation conducted by the University of Kansas, in the United States, people who do not profess any religion have a better sex life. This is because they are more willing to discuss their sexual fantasies and therefore more satisfied with their experiences.

The study, which is called "Sex and Secularism" and was led by specialists Darel Ray and Armanda Brown, notes that the feeling of guilt is greater in people who practice a religion, although not It is an impediment when performing a sexual act.

The research counted on the participation of 14 thousand people aged between 25 and 30 years of age. Through a survey, specialists discovered that followers of strict religions such as Mormons scored higher on the scale of sexual guilt with 8, on a scale of 0 to 10. In the case of Catholics, the score is 6. 34 .

Within the sexual act, the specialists comment that nothing is written. Religion and society can influence, but it is up to individuals to determine and take action to make their intimacy more pleasant.

In sexuality, everything is allowed as long as there is respect and responsibility.

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