Which companymakes drug for female sexual dysfunction

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Which companymakes drug for female sexual dysfunction

Postby Al1fundug » Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:09 pm

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п»ї And why not?

Sexual freedom is found in the establishment of a communication, with oneself or with the couple, where the wishes can be expressed freely. This type of choice is a right for all, although it has always been considered a taboo within femininity.

In this regard, Lia Soriano, sexologist and therapist of the Center for Education and Information and Sex: The Open Wardrobe, explains that female sexual freedom does not only mean that women can surrender to whomever they want, that Of course he has the right to do so, although this is not what gives him true freedom as such.

Female sexual freedom means that a woman is the only and absolute owner of her own body and can do with what she wants, not just deliver it or share it at will through sexual fantasies and desires, but and fundamentally deciding whether or not to have children and, in case of wanting to have them, to choose who you want to have them with, how many you want to have and at what moment you want them.

Even though certain myths and tabus persist regarding female sexual freedom, the struggle for rights and gender equity that is currently enjoyed allows them to assume a fuller sexuality, with the free choice of their acts, however it should not be lost sight of that right is accompanied by responsibility.

Female sexual freedom is not synonymous with emancipation or debauchery, that even if a woman could decide it while remaining respectable, the spirit of that right is that she must choose the path she considers most important. relevant to your happiness and pleasure.

Women today, mostly young and old, are unaware of their bodies. They do not know what their erogenous zones are, what they can demand and in what form. She still has many conflicts with pleasure, but it is clear that the more they know each other, the better they can assume their sexual freedom.

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