You look like you'd be good at eating cupcakes!

You look like you'd be good at eating cupcakes!

Postby TehgrateJT » Fri Nov 11, 2011 7:53 pm

What? I don't have any cupcakes.

Since you're here, let's play a game.

In my deviantart gallery (linked in the signature) are a plethora of pieces, and you must scavenge based on four clues.

Char 1: Tall, slick, relaxed.
Char 2: Strong, dutiful.
Char 3: Bright-eyed, white-haired beauty.
Char 4: Crazed, brilliant old flower.

You must leave comments on up to four pieces as your guesses. When you comment, leave your forum username, so I know who to grade.

If you get all of the characters right, up to two of you win the following:
One full-color piece with up to three characters of your choice.

Every comment that goes over the four guess limit will be ignored and sent to the moon.

Prize slots are awarded to the first two to submit fully correct guesses.

Prize requests must have no porn, no gore, no homo, and are otherwise subject to my reserved right to reject it. (Don't feel too worried. I'm rather lenient outside of the hard limits.)

Don't be dumb. Be polite to other viewers in the gallery.

Above all, please, have fun with the game. It's a good investment of the time of all parties involved, if you do.
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