Chatango roleplaying

Chatango roleplaying

Postby thorn3 » Fri May 11, 2012 10:36 am

Hai guys! I'm a new guy here in the Brony forums... you guys have succeeded in converting me into an official brony. Congratulations ^^ To show appreciation for the show itself, I was thinking about making a little movement to bring more Bronies to the website known as Chatango. A place where people usually chat, and roleplay. Which in fact, I have noticed that many many users log onto Chatango for only one reason... to roleplay! I love to roleplay, and use the various styles of sentence, semi, and para depending on the event and such. I even made myself an original character... his name is Dark Star. A lone black pony who was once a pure white with a black mane, but now is the complete opposite thanks to an incident in his old hometown whose name was long forgotten since an attack by who are known as the 'stream riders'. I in fact have an account on Chatango already whose username is 'lightlessxstar' . So if you ever wanted to roleplay with me or something... this is to all bronies and pegasisters on here. So don't be afraid to show your colors in roleplaying, and be as ponyish and girlish as you wish! I say there aren't enough pony roleplayers on Chatango, so why don't we change that? Log on and register to the website if you don't have one already, and just have fun roleplaying with each other. Cheers to all of you, and I hope the rest of your day is all fine and dandy. Have a good one, everypony! ^u^
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Re: Chatango roleplaying

Postby Firestorm » Sat May 12, 2012 5:10 am

Thorn3 welcome to the herd! *brohoof*
just one thing though why not RP and hang out here as well?
The forums are a little deserted at the moment (most people just show up on Mondays for the livestream) so it would be good to get some more activity going.
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Re: Chatango roleplaying

Postby Nova_Eclipse » Sat May 12, 2012 6:15 am

Yes, Velcome to ze herd, Comrade! *Brohoofs Thorn3* This place could use some more activity.
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Re: Chatango roleplaying

Postby thorn3 » Sat May 12, 2012 10:23 am

Hello once again, bronies and pegasisters!

I've read your replies and I do believe it is a very reasonable idea to roleplay on here, but I also had in mind the basic idea of spreading us around on the internet, and I thought Chatango was a good place to start! However, yes, with a few seconds of thinking, being not very difficult to persuade... I have actually seen that sort of roleplaying before through a forum. Never seen anything quite like it, but if it works, them I'm all for it! The thing I would obviously like about it so much, being one who loves to write... is the fact that roleplaying is a form of storytelling. The main reason I like to roleplay through things like Chatango is because I feel it's a little more instant. Unless there is more than one brony/pegasister online at a time that's on this thread, then yes, we could in fact make this work! I would love very much to start an MLP roleplay with the fellow members of this website, and I greatly feel that it's an awesome way for bronies and pegasisters to form a great bond with one another... getting to truly know each other and whatnot. In fact, is that not why this website was created? So that fellows like us can connect and bond across the world? If you ask me, then that is pretty much how I see this website, and I'm almost certain that idea is true. ^^

Anyway, if we were to start a roleplay on here, I in fact will allow you to use whatever character you wish... as long as it's a pony type of character. And YES, you may roleplay as any one of the six main characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, if you wish. HOWEVER... that means there will be six spots available for those characters. I'm sorry, but there cannot be more than one Fluttershy or Twilight Sparkle in a single roleplay. Though, if someone wishes to start a roleplay on a different thread, then of course, six positions will be open again. Unless that roleplay is strictly OC and all that good stuff. But in my opinion, there's nothing better to deliver a good MLP experience than to have the main characters as a part of its roleplay experience. If you feel that you have what it takes, and you can actually nail the personality and actually be the timid Fluttershy or the talkative and crazy Pinkie Pie that we all know and love, then send me a PM if you're interested in being a part of the roleplay as one of the six. What I would like in the very least, is that in the PM, you can provide an example, a quote of your own or something, that could possibly resemble the personality of a certain pony.

Oh yes, and back to the Chatango idea... I just came up with this as I wrote this. If you wanted to just roleplay with me face to face and not be in a large group, then just send me a message on there. A reminder, it's 'lightlessxstar' as the username for my account. And, if there are other bronies who want to roleplay with one another face to face, also if you simply want to have a start in spreading our popularity on the internet even more, then by all means, take a stand and make an account on a completely normal website that you know doesn't have that many bronies in it. However, I'm not saying to force anyone into anything, but to simply make us more well known on less known websites. Just show off how much of a brony you are on sites like Chatango and not care what anyone has to say about it. Still, this is a free choice for all bronies on this forum, and I'm merely making a suggestion I've had in mind for quite some time.

That's all for now, my friends. Take care, and have a good one! /)
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Re: Chatango roleplaying

Postby Lightning Prism » Thu Feb 07, 2013 10:14 am

Do you guys have a mlp rp page set up in chatango and if you do could you post it.
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