RP World: Lament of Dr. Killpony

RP World: Lament of Dr. Killpony

Postby Dr. Killpony » Tue Oct 02, 2012 2:48 pm

Hi guys! I'm Dr. Killpony, or well, here I am... Anyway's I thought of a cool roleplay world for a SMALL group of about no more than 20 people, however if more people do decide to join (Which I doubt :cry: ) Than I'll be ure to find some way to hopefully include them. I've added this little bit of a story about my character that hopefully will be posted fully comeplete on Equestria daily:

Lament of Dr. Killpony
Chapter 0: Explanation
Dr. Killpony is a fan-made character that I myself made. He is a Pegasus type pony and is a dark purplish blue in color. He also has a human anime version who goes by Dr. Killbrony but that’s not important to this story. He has messy medium-short black hair and strangely colored, but unmistakably blood red eyes. His teeth give off a slightly pointed or shark like look but if you examined them closely enough you would see that they are normal and flat like every other ponies. Nobody is quite sure why his parents named him such an off-putting name, not even Dr. Killpony himself, for you see, Dr. Killpony was an orphan (More on that later) who never met his parents. He has very few friends because of many social factors that give him an unwelcoming stand in the realm of friendship like the fact that he owns and runs an Asylum, his overall appearance and at first glance his nature as a whole. However despite these facts he desperately tries’ to be happy and make as many friends as he can, and now that you’ve been roughly introduced to my main character let’s begin my story:
Chapter 1: More Backstory
Dr. Killpony’s the name, curing the insane’s my game! Any way’s, yes, I know, Killpony, such an off-putting name, I have no idea why my parent’s named me it, for you see, I was an orphan. I lived my whole childhood at Ponyville’s home for abandoned angels. I never did get adopted either, I spent my whole childhood making new friends and then watching them being taken away by their new loving parents. Despite that minor fact though my childhood was fairly great! Although, my young adulthood was not so loving a memory, you see ever since I went into the 8th grade I became utterly fascinated with mental health issues and all types of mental deformities, conditions, and patterns. It was then that I decided to become a doctor for the insane and to help and cure them of their mental illnesses. It was also then that I got my cutie mark, at the time I thought it was cool and metal (Something I’m still a bit into now.) It was a frontal view of a pony’s skull, with a small red cross on its forehead and 2 needles or “shot’s” with an unknown green liquid in them crisscrossed behind the skull like an “X”, nowadays I try my best to keep it hidden under my doctor’s uniform for certain reasons. Once I turned 18 I unfortunately had to leave the orphanage, I immediately decided to go to med school to start my lifelong dream. Only one problem, as I’m sure you know medical school isn’t free or cheap, and I, being an orphan meant that I was broke. So, desperate for money I decided to join the N.L.R.G. The N.L.R.G. stands for the “New Lunar Republic Guard” You see, although most ponies don’t know, Princess Luna indeed has her own small cluster of cities and even a castle up there on the moon. In the olden days before the whole Nightmare Moon incident her people were happy, and cheerful, now however due to certain governmental issues that are “classified” they are sad and afraid for their life. You see, after the fall of Nightmare Moon and the return of the Princess she discovered that her once beautiful land on the moon was cold, barren like, and almost completely empty of life. She tried her best to reclaim order and peace, but her being gone for so long left her home in disorder, full of thieves and gangs alike. Eventually with the help of her sister Princess Celestia she was able to reclaim her royal army, before it was just called the Lunar Guard, there was no abbreviation to my knowledge. She was horrified to find that no matter how much she tried to work around it, only a violent answer could solve her problem’s, and that was to kill anyone who opposed her retaking of her throne and her new laws. Soon many of the gangs that disagreed with her newly set order joined together to form the Eclipse. The Eclipse are nothing but a bunch of cold hearted ponies with gun’s, but their all also fighting for a cause and this soon caused problems. Eventually Celestia could no longer help Luna for she did not want to endanger her own guards. So, Luna eventually started a recruiting center in Canterlot and a few other large towns like Phillydelphia. They each had a medium sized room a recruiter, and a portal that transported the new recruits to Lunar City. She was paying the new guards insane amounts of money, so left with no other real choice at the time I signed up. However, believe it or not, I at the same time applied for my Medical school education. If I wasn’t on a blood ridden battlefield or in boot camp I was in my dorm studying and learning more and more about my profession. It was both at Medical school and the N.L.R.G. that I made many of my now old friends. At School I befriended Dr. Whoove’s and Nurse Redheart, and in the guard I befriended Lava Veins, and Steel Wings. Both other races besides my own, Lava Veins was an adolescent ebony black dragon, and Steel Wings was a middle aged Griphon with silver wings and ivory feathers on his body. I received my Doctor’s degree 7 years later as well with Dr. Whooves and Nurse Redheart; the 3 of us were all in the top 5 in our classes just to brag. I never did see Lava Veins or Steel Wings after my time in the N.L.R.G. but I did find out that Dr. Whooves and Nurse Redheart worked at the Ponyville hospital, I ended up building my asylum in Ponyville as well, with almost no help from other ponies, it took me another 3 years to finish building it, and it was small to, there was enough for a maximum of 10 patients at a time and 2 intensive care rooms. I ended up just naming it Ponyville Asylum, (Killpony Asylum sounded a bit unwelcoming.) So, now you know my backstory, how about now I tell you why this is all important, let’s start off with about a week’s time before the good shit happens…
Okay, sorry for it being so big, so basically the roleplay will be taking place much later on in the story, when Dr. Killpony is recalled to battle when the war has reached it's cliax. There are 4 teams to choose from, Mercanarie's, Eclipse, Lunar Gaurd, and townsfolk Tell me watcha think! :mrgreen:
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