Hello Everypony!!!

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Hello Everypony!!!

Postby LiamBertolli » Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:26 am

Hi Everypony!!!

My name is Frank and I only recently discovered the world of My Little Pony. Let me explain my story...

Last year during an acting class a classmate by the name of Emma wrote a monologue about a man who loved My Little Pony. (This is where I was first introduced to the word Brony). You see Emma also considered herself a Brony and has performed in MLP Theatre shows. She decided that I would be best to perform this monologue as I fit what she was going for. At the time she just had a monologue, however, I added the notion that the man saying it should be a hitman who tells his story to a tied up victim. When Emma's monologue was performed at the graduation theatre show, it was the skit of the night.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year, the Hitman Brony was a great story and needed to be extended to something bigger and better. Also, I like the fact that MLP promotes the importance of Friendships in daily lives. So, I wrote a six episode web series called Hitman Hobbies: The Magic of Friendship. It's inspired by Marvel's Daredevil and My Little Pony. The journey has been amazing so far and I am extremely happy to be working with a bunch of talented individuals on it, both in front and behind the camera and let me just say everyone is starting to become friends. If you're interested in finding out more about the web series, feel free to contact me or follow any of the social media links below.

So...I am not as knowledgeable on MLP as some of you may be but I'm getting there. And yes, that is me in the avatar.
Hitman Hobbies: The Magic of Friendship
When Organized Crime meets My Little Pony
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