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The Brony Show 105 links

Postby CrazymattCaptain » Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:04 pm

TBS Plugged In Issue 14 and the Show Notes
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we were graced with the presence of General Mumble, a great Brony musician, before the show

Preshow Vids:
Fluttershy's Visit
Dawn's Dust 2/2
Ponified Wobble
Ponies at the Beach
Savages: Changlings vs. Ponies
A Departure

During the show:
Interview Guest: Writer's Block

of Filly Games this livestream was mentioned during the interview

the Luna [Speak] flash was from this tumblr
Hearth's Warming Eve FG Radio Play Ep. 2 D-Pad did voice work in this radio play

Penny Arcade was mentioned during the News. I think it's an awesome website and they defended the Bronies by stating that a "Brony Smashing" article was just "Nerd Shaming." [link to article is in the Show Notes]

Crimson's Oatmeal Galore ep. 81 (Looney Crims: Back in Action Edition)
Between the Lines (Rarity's Song) - Original Song by JoshSaysStuff
For Too Long
Make This Pony Mine - dBPony
SmileBrony Cover (with original vocals removed)-Roseluck (Original by Turquoise Splash)
You Can't Fly Alone (Acoustic) Bronyrock - M Pallante
This Day Aria (MLP) - Cover By Kendra Masonchuck
And The Rainfall - Blank Pages
Caramel & Dot: Spotlight - Space Case!

[Episode 4] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation

An Interesting quiz and pony counterparts [not 100% accurate but still fun to find out what pony you are].
What's a taco? Would you like some Cupcake Bombs? and Who's awesome?

Have fun on the FORUMS,
Your chat CmC :geek:
Pinkie Pie Space Core if it weren't for this vid I probably wouldn't be a brony.


Have fun on the FORUMS,
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