Custom Brony Bio: Dr. Killpony

Custom Brony Bio: Dr. Killpony

Postby Dr. Killpony » Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:03 pm

Dr. Killpony is a custom pony I made as my alias in roleplay on a minecraft server, at fisrt I was just being me, but soon the character seemed to become more real and now he is like another being entirely in my head! He does have a human version of himself called Dr. Killbrony, I do want to make a roleplay forum here based around him and all his misadventures. I'm also currently working on a story about him that I wil hopefully finish for halloween, though probably not. Anyways here's his Bio:
Gender: Colt/male
Hair color: Black (Or a dull blonde in human form)
Hair style: Short and messy kinda like Scootaloos only more masquline in it's form
skin color: dark purplish blue (Or slightly tanned white in human form)
Eye color: blood red
profession: Asylum doctor/Lunar Gaurd
Race: pegasus
Weapon of choice in the Lunar Gaurd: M1 Garand, Bayonet, and nightmare gloves (His own custom made weapon)
Nightmare Claws Bio: 2 metal contrapsions with retractable scalpals on the end of 5 metal rings on his fingers, they are also connected to 5 seperate cables so they can be fired like a projectile weapon and then reppeled back like a yoyo. Very dangerous unless used by a master (Like Killpony!)

Tell me what you think and read my Roleplay post idea under the roleplay section to plz
Dr. Killpony
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