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Blog postings

Hello Everypony. I see we have a Blog Poster here to post up anything and everything we’d like. So I’m going to use this to talk about all the random and fun things I find in the Brony Community in case we don’t cover some of it in the show, or it’s one of those things that we can’t find time to do. I hope you’re all excited for this, because I surely am.

Circuit Mane (2)

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8 Responses to Blog postings

  1. AvatarRayoGundead says:

    This is a guest post

    For anyone who asks, rules on forums applies on blog comments as well.

    NO SPAM!!!

  2. CrazymattCaptainCrazymattCaptain says:

    and a test comment below.

  3. AvatarToacoy says:

    this will work great boss

  4. Avatarddrkreature says:

    Looking forward to see what becomes of this area. I shall check back weekly

  5. AvatarCCZeroFire says:

    Blog! :D

    Actually somewhat curious to see where this goes.

  6. AvatarRayoGundead says:

    now ready to fight spam! with reCaptcha!

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