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The Wednesday Show

The Wednesday Show


Host of Winchester Wednesday


Winchester Wednesdays Host, music enthusiast, audio engineer, diesel mechanic.
Hi I’m Winchester! I am the producer and namesake of Winchester Wednesdays. I also dabble in music and audio production.

The Wednesday show also has had several different hosts for when Winchester isn’t around. Starting off the bunch who has been the main streamer lately –

ocRainStorm or also known as Rainy

The host of Rainy’s Fox Den

She has always loved her games and will always accept a cup of coffee no matter the time of day. She’s a part kitsune, part earth pony who is always down to be with her friends. Always glad to be here!

CrazymattCaptain or also known as CmC

The host of CmC’s Lion’s Den

Might know him from being a consistent volunteer at multiple pony cons and has been around a long time for the show. He might be drained after cons but always shows up to put on a show for everyone. Don’t mind him munching on some chips.

Skyraze or also called Sky

The host of Sky’s changing shack

He has also been around awhile for the Wednesday show and does very occasionally hosts but is happy to tag along on most adventures when he’s not busy. Doesn’t matter if it’s zombie games, space games, or just shooter games he always has a blast playing with his friends.

Commander Something or just Commander

Very occasional host

Our very own tech dragon with the ban hammer who some times tags along for the fun. He loves to play video games in his free time and drags CmC along with him for it.

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