• The Brony Show 419 – The Brony Show Mascot Pt. 2

    The Main Show is on Mondays at 9PM EST / 6PM PST
    This Week’s Art & Writing Challenge : Holiday Lights
    Protest Initiative Challenge : Cooking
    NEW MASCOT CHALLENGE : Luminous Wave arts with the new mascot will be shown at the end of December (further details in the discord) Art by Commander

The Brony Show’s Servers

The Brony Show's Game Servers Logo

We have several servers available so far! We boot them online and offline, in a cycle. Let’s play and have some fun!

Garry’s Mod Cinema

  • Server :
  • Password : earthpony
  • Copy the following link on your browser bar to access it quickly : steam://connect/

If you have any problem, comments or even requests for servers, please contact us at [email protected] or post a comment here (subscription required).

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