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    The Brony Show 551 – It’s Muffin time!
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Winchester Wednesdays



Winchester Wednesdays Host, music enthusiast, audio engineer, diesel mechanic

Hi I’m Winchester! I am the producer and namesake of Winchester Wednesdays. I also dable in music and
audio production.

Winchester’s OC, Harmonic Wave, is a dark blue Pegasus with a red and white mane. His cutie mark is a sound wave.


Skype: winchester572
Steam: winchester572
Twitter: @winchester5720


Winchester Wednesdays co-host, cat enthusiast, chat watcher, body flailer, “banhammer lawn dart”

I’m CmC! I’m useless!

CmC is a bright pink unicorn, with a pale pink mane with blue streaks in it. His mane extends across his face in the
form of mutton chops and a lovely ‘stache. He often wears a dark blue vest. His cutie mark is a test tube with a DNA doublehelix shooting out.


Skype: crazymattcaptain
Steam: CrazymattCaptain

Orange Shirt Guy

Winchester Wednesdays co-host

Hi I’m OSG! Im one of the “Co-Hosts” of Winchester Wednesdays. I like to spend my free time working on
cars or motorcyles and also enjoy light pc and console gaming.

OSG’s OC, Rapid Transit, Is a light orange Pegasus with a blue and gray mane, He also wears an orange shirt. His
cutie mark is a Tire doing a burnout

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