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Elements of Harmony


Embark with us on a journey of discovery as we explore how fan music is made and inquire of musicians within the Brony community.

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Parchment Scroll

Producer, Video Editor, Host, First to Panic, Last to Flee

OH GOD OH GOD WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE– Everything’s perfectly fine, ignore the fire — OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD


Parchment Scroll was volunteered as video editor by show co-creator and initial producer InfinitePony, and has been left as chief cat-herder in Infinite’s wake as the latter fled this merry band of lunatics. The pony “Parchment Scroll” was initially created to act as a stand-in for creative bronies in general, not Parchy himself, as attested to by his scroll and crossed quill & paintbrush cutie-mark.


Co-Producer, Art designer, Host, Friendly Neighborhood Murderer, Maniac With a Soundboard App



Snowblitz was first dragged onto this show by initial producer Infinite to be the Art Designer. But by the time after their 7th episode, he became one of the hosts of the show. He’s basically a host that brings comedy (sometimes), and his knowledge on Vocals and Rock. He made his OC without using Pony Creator, and it took him multiple times to get it right and how he wanted it. His cutie mark is a silver crescent moon with a snowflake like flower next to it.

Larscis de’Medici

Director of Clandestine Service, Audio Editor, Keeper of the Goldfish

“Poni.” — President Donna Moss, The West Wing (2020)


Larscis has been in this fandom since late 2010 due to being led by the nose to watch the show. This said, he didn’t actually get involved in earnest until sometime in 2013 aside from being in several IRC channels and Google+ groups. Since then, he’s systematically taken over anything and everything audio-related, including that of this show. His goldfish may have been involved but details are sketchy and cannot be corroborated at this time.


Audio Editor, Streamer, Host, Sheep Herder, Professional Mispronouncer

Hi! Im winchester, y’all might know me from my stream on wednesdays called Winchester Wednesdays. I work on editing the audio for the pre recorded episodes here and I also stream the episodes every week. For more info go here!


Winchester’s OC, Harmonic Wave, is a dark blue Pegasus with a red and white mane. His cutie mark is a sound wave.


Host, Master of the Tweets, Creator of Alien Toilet Noises, Street Fighter Fanatic, The Ginosaji

I’m too sober for this.


Flightless is a musician for the Brony community and was absorbed into Elements of Harmony shortly after his interview. On the same track as Starlight, Flightless believes that the best way to go into each show, is with liquid courage. With his knowledge of EDM and electronic music in general, he rounds out the knowledge base of the hosts.


Host, Background Pony, Resident Green Day Enthusiast, Other Sit-in Brony Musician, Group “Youngster”



So, yeah, Steel sort of joined the Brony fandom “officially” around July of 2014 and it was around this time that Steel was perusing Everfree Network on a Tuesday night, and happened to come across this show called “Elements of Harmony”. Steel quickly became a big fan of the show, and had one of his songs, “I Am Myself”, featured on the show soon after. This marked Steel’s rise-to-relevance in the Brony Music scene. Steel continued to watch EoH for a while, until enough hosts decided to abandon ship and the remaining crew had no other options left but to bring him on board. Now he’s the guy that sits in the call and plays Green Day music in the background. He’s also the youngest of the group at 19 years old (as of August 2015).


The Host With the Most, Alcoholic, Official Berry Punch

You look about as ugly as my liver.


Starlight first joined the fandom back in January 2011. He was bored one day and on the Internet. They say there’s two things one does when you’re bored and have an Internet connection. He chose what could (arguably) be the worse of those two and went to 4chan. Ever since, he felt a strong connection to the show and got involved every which way he could. Then on a fateful night in 2013, he met a disheveled man who goes by InfinitePony who enticed him with a couple beers at a bar. This stranger told Starlight of a podcast, the greatest podcast idea ever conceived: “Elements of Harmony.” Starlight said no unless he could only come on and babble on drunkenly. They agreed, and ever since, Starlight has taken his inebriated charge strong into the show.

Forest Rain

Rank: Captain – Special Operations – Sixth Squad

Everyone leave Tim alone! …He’s mine.


2077: My time. My city. My family.
When Forest Rain killed thousands, she was condemned to die. She had other plans. A time travel device sent us all back 65 years. I want to get home, but I can’t be sure what I’ll return to if history is changed. Her plan: to curse at and control the present in order to win the future.
What she didn’t plan on… was us.

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