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Iron Pony Sitout

Iron Pony Sitout Rules

These are the rules for the Iron Pony Sitout for any wishing to participate

  1. The Iron Pony Sitout begins the moment the show begins. If you are not in the chat and there when our opening theme of awesome plays you are not officially part of The Iron Pony Sitout
  2. You need to participate in the chat to let us know that you’re still alive and part of The Iron Pony Sitout. If you are not posting every 20 min or less then you are no longer in the Iron Pony Sitout. This is to let us know you are still alive
  3. The winner is the last one in the chat after all other participants have dropped out. If you are a winner you are encouraged to email us at [email protected] to let us know
  4. The winner will have their name shouted out on the next live show along with their victorious time, If they manage to break the current record they will be the new record holder. If they hold the record for the entire season, they will win a spot on the Hall of Fame page on the show’s website.
  5. If the record is beaten by over an hour, and the record is at least 24 hours, then the record breaker will also win a $20 steam game.
Record for Winter 2013
*38 hours 20 min by CCZeroFire*
Record for Spring 2013
*36 hours 54 min by CmC*
Record for Summer 2013
*60 hours by Commander Something*
Record for Fall 2013
*26 hours 4 min by Alzar777*
Record for Winter 2014
*53 hours 12 min by Comander Something*
Record for Summer 2014
*60 hours by Comander Something*
Record for Winter 2015
*27 hours by Commander Something*

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