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Oatmeal Galore Afterparty



Afterparty host, insane hobbyist, Warhammer lover, League failer

Howdy everyone I’m Crimson, the eccentric Warhammer obsessed afterparty host and horrible League player. Through my extensive library of games I bring you entertainment every week.


Crimson is a blood red bat pony with a black mane, and a flaming indigo crystal as a cutie mark.


Email: mypetpepper[at]hotmail.com
Skype: CrimsontheWolf1
Steam: CrimsontheWolf


Afterparty co-host, contractual slave, secretary, Pokémon enthusiast, hunter of monsters.

Hiya! I’m CC, Crimson’s slave who totally doesn’t break everything, and totally doesn’t slack off all the time. When Crim is out of commission, I take over instead with “CC’s makeshift Pankake Spectacular”. Though when I do I tend to panic and have no idea what to do so I just stream squid kids and dank memes and then draw cute pictures. …Yeahhhhh!
…Did I break it yet?


CC is a pale sapphire blue unicorn, with long navy hair containing a single silver streak. His cutie mark is a gray wooden wrench.


Skype: mzelman22
Steam: CCZeroFire
deviantART: m190049

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