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    The Main Show is on Mondays at 9PM EST / 6PM PST
    This Week’s Art & Writing Challenge : Sandvich
    Protest Initiative Challenge : Sand
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The Brony Show

The Brony Show

The Brony Show is a Livestream podcast type deal. It’s a show by bronies, for bronies!
We air live every Monday at 6PM Pacific (9PM Eastern). Miss the show? Don’t worry, we save ’em all for later!
You can find recordings of all recent episodes on our YouTube channel!

Circuit Mane

Owner, Main Host, Big Mugwump, King, Princess, Darth lord, etc etc.

“Hey! I’m Circuit Mane! If you’ve seen The Brony Show before you’ve at least heard my voice. I’m the crazy brony that started all of this. I get the show ready every week and broadcast it out to you in all its insanity. I also keep working hard (almost) every day to give you bigger and better shows, and a great website and forums to visit.”

Circuit Mane is a dark green unicorn with a lime green and white striped mane, and a circuit grid cutie mark

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. He also has a rather…shocking personality when you get in touch with him. Hope you have fun with joy buzzers.


Email: bronyshow[at]gmail.com
Skype: Circuit.Mane
Steam: Circuit Mane


Co-host, artist of the show

“The laughing man of the show. Hey folks I’m Blankedmind the second co-host of The Brony Show. I’m more known for my odd comments and eccentric laughter on the show, though I do dabble in art often, but not enough. During the week I’ll run a few let’s plays and a few art streams- Inkwell, a safe for work stream, and Inkwell After Hours, a not safe for work stream. Send me a request, we’ll see what I can do.”

Though the person behind the screen’s name is Blanked, his actual OC’s name Scribbler, a unicorn who is an artist too (big surprise). Scribbler has “inverted” eyes, with jet black scleras and white pupils. His coat is tan colored, while his mane is a light shade of brown

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. He’s often seen wearing a white collared shirt. Scribbler also has a living shadow that normally stays hidden, but is always ready to float up and give a nice inviting smile. The shadow creature is sometimes refereed to as Inkwell, though it’s not certain if it has a name for sure. Scribbler’s cutie mark is a torn piece of paper and a snapped pencil.


Skype: Blankedmind88
Steam: Blankedmind

For requests

SFW: http://ask-scribbler.tumblr.com/
NSFW 18+: http://inkwellafterhours.tumblr.com/

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