• The Brony Show 419 – The Brony Show Mascot Pt. 2

    The Main Show is on Mondays at 9PM EST / 6PM PST
    This Week’s Art & Writing Challenge : Holiday Lights
    Protest Initiative Challenge : Cooking
    NEW MASCOT CHALLENGE : Luminous Wave arts with the new mascot will be shown at the end of December (further details in the discord) Art by Commander

Winchester Wednesdays



Winchester Wednesdays Host, music enthusiast, audio engineer, diesel mechanic

Hi I’m Winchester! I am the producer and namesake of Winchester Wednesdays. I also dable in music and audio production.

Winchester’s OC, Harmonic Wave, is a dark blue Pegasus with a red and white mane. His cutie mark is a sound wave.


Skype: winchester572
Steam: winchester572
Twitter: @winchester5720


Winchester Wednesdays co-host, cat enthusiast, chat watcher, body flailer, “banhammer lawn dart” user

I’m CmC! I’m useless!

CmC is a bright pink unicorn, with a pale pink mane with blue streaks in it. His mane extends across his face in the form of mutton chops and a lovely ‘stache. He often wears a dark blue vest. His cutie mark is a test tube with a DNA doublehelix shooting out.


Skype: crazymattcaptain
Steam: CrazymattCaptain

Orange Shirt Guy

Winchester Wednesdays co-host

Hi I’m OSG! Im one of the “Co-Hosts” of Winchester Wednesdays. I like to spend my free time working on cars or motorcyles and also enjoy light pc and console gaming.

OSG’s OC, Rapid Transit, Is a light orange Pegasus with a blue and gray mane, He also wears an orange shirt. His cutie mark is a Tire doing a burnout

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