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Yet Another Stream


Watch a jackass play games and watch movies, while joking around with buddies

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. Yup, that’s the Yet Another Stream.


Host, joke artist, tryhard, maniac, PAYDAY 2 fanatic

What do you mean, I can’t play PAYDAY 2 all the time on stream? F-fine! I’ll show I’m good at other games too!

MikeNized has a terrible accent, plays and creates video games, practices arts, and would love to be a owl

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. However, he can only pretend to be nocturnal.

Mike Nized, his OC, owns a workshop in Manehattan, constructing elaborate mechanisms based on wood. With a gray coat & brown mane, he opens at night because nopony bugs him when he works during the night.


Email: [email protected]
Tumblr: machinistmind
Steam: mikenized

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