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The Brony Show: Unofficial MLP CCG Tournament

The Brony Show would like to announce that we will be hosting an unofficial MLP CCG tournament over Skype to raise funds for Sketchywolf, a Brony and friend of the our podcast who needs help paying legal fees due to court summons being sent to the wrong address and subsequently failing to show in court

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. The tournament has a $2 entry donation requirement, with all donations going to Sketchywolf! 1st place will be getting three MLP CCG booster packs as their prize! Tournament registration ends at 6:30pm EST on January 1st, with the tournament beginning at 7pm

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Sketchywolf is also an artist and is offering commissions to help pay for his fees.

For more rules and details (including how to sign up), click the link below!

*We are also in need of MLP CCG official volunteers/judges to help with rulings during the event. Please use the contact information at the bottom of the provided gdoc if you would like to help out!*

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