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CmC’s thoughts on Legends of Equestria

Alrighty where to start

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. first off this will be a mix of preplanned review-like parts and stream-of-thought parts.

well I had jumped on Thursday night so maybe 12-2AM on Friaday and kept juming on throughout the weekend even into the 4 hour extension into Monday.

so lets start with

The 3 Races

  • Unicorn
    • Teleportation
    • odd flower spell
    • healing spell
    • slow and low stamina
  • Pegasus
    • of course flight
    • faster in the air
    • whirlwind attack
    • number 7 expression command never worked for me
    • low stamina(equivalent to a Unicorn when on the ground)
  • Earth Pony
    • never did figure out what the 7 command did (apparently it’s an attack)
    • supposedly stronger and more defense
    • more stamina
    • fastest on land

Common to all were the 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 expression commands and a ground pound attack.
To go more in depth, the Unicorn healing spell seems to only be castable on others not self, I don’t think the flowers did anything to the aggressive mobs, and the low stamina got me caught in the water a few times.

The Pegasi flight controls were very awkward(but I’ll get to controls later), there were areas that Pegusi could get to because of collision errors(I exploited one), and the whirlwind attack was oddly close ranged but once your target was set it was easy to cast and ensure a hit.

The Earth Pony’s stamina was great. You could run across a map very quickly, pending being able to steer between objects whilst dealing with some lag. I didn’t test the ground pound attack on the mobs to see the strength differences between the races.

and now we’ll move into the big bugs on everyone’s lists

Chat box and Connection

The chatbox continually jumped up to the first posts when you logged on, and the only thing in the GUI settings was transparency. I would’ve preferred to set it’s size myself so that I could make it bigger so I could scroll through more of the chat log. The chat ended up taking a lot of the required net connection, I mostly played with the chat off to lessen my amount of lag.

The different servers each seemed to have different connectivity. I eventually that I was best on Lavade, Capriole, or Croupade. Mezair would always return a your connectivity is too low for this server, though I did get on there for a bit once, and Piaffe was hit or miss. I had a decent connection with Ballotade but after Saturday that one was down for the rest of the time.
Everyone had connections issues abound. I found that sometimes after getting a server connection error message that restarting the game made a potential for a connection being made to be higher. Though I still had to hit the login button 4-8 times before I got a server list.
(edit)fixed the server names one I found out that they were all dressage terms.(edit)


the settings menu could only be accessed once in game, where it should been able to be set locally from the main menu screen.
the inventory and other common keyboard commands weren’t working even though they were shown in the settings menu.
I once accidentally set the command 5 to left mouse click, I had to change it back 4 times before it actually worked.
The video settings would not automatically apply after closing the menu, you HAD to hit APPLY!! this was annoying as it didn’t show the correct screen resolution that I had set so hitting apply made a tiny little screen. and all of the video quality settings were not clear as to what was higher or lower quality.
in the game there was a /command to set your timezone so the chatbox displayed the correct time. I was never able to get it to work. this seems like something that should be in the settings menu. and the /commands in general need a readme text file with explanations on the format of the commands.
I preferred to have the map as zoomed out as possible, but I found that I had to keep resetting it when I arrived in Ponydale.


  • WASD – movement
  • arrow keys – camera
  • mouse buttons – actions
  • hotkeys
  • keys for flight

the number of hands one must need for this game is crazy!
forward with W is not the direction the camera is looking, it is the direction the pony is facing. this made flight quite annoying cause you had to use the jump and descend buttons to go up and down in the air.
the set extra keys for flight were Q and E for barrel rolls, R for an aerial flip which didn’t work, and then some controls that are under one’s palm when setting their hand at WASD. I had to set descend to RIGHT CTRL so I could move around.
and then the biggest annoyance where do I put my hands? Left on WASD but do I put my right hand on the camera so I can look around or do I put it on my mouse so I can interact with things?
initially I thought everything would be interact-able without the mouse or that ALL area transitions would have glowing portals. On Friday I thought I was stuck in Ponydale. On Saturday I clicked on a board on the Train Station. this is the only area change that requires clicking. yes with the others you could click through but this one HAD to be clicked.
also on Friday I was wandering about wondering if there were NPCs, yet another clicking required action, and they were not easily noticeable unless you were looking for the ellipsis above the name that the first time I saw thought meant they were currently typing in the chat, so I ignored them.

I like looking around and being able to interact with things. I hope they look into rearranging the controls.


I had friended someone with my Unicorn but they only appeared on the Friends List on that character. I saw no way of friending someone with one character and have it apply to all characters, though being that everyone needs a forums account to access the game friending someone on the forums may have some effect like that as you can have multiple characters from one forum account.

Quest Issues
there were a few broken quests such that they couldn’t be completed. or what had become a common saying “Bugsy was bugged.”
quests where the player talked first had a tendency to break and lock up a character. the screen would dim as if you were in a conversation but it wouldn’t appear, and even hitting ESC didn’t free you fully. It gave you the ability to move around, but you could not interact with another NPC. you had to logout and log back in.
that quest also had an invisible quest item. apparently there were Mountain Flowers in the field near Bugsy but they didn’t show up above the ground. I never finished the quest but I did see that other had by them wearing the reward item.
I seemed to have an issue with a few quests that I had started, I logged off, I logged back on and completed, and they still appeared in my quest list. I was unable to start one quest as another quest was a requirement for it. I had to get the quest’s story from the wiki.

Wearable Items
The Lab Coat and the Boots did not resize to fit the character model. and there were a few items that had some fun issues. a floating stetson, an invisible tin pan, unicorn horns piercing lab goggles. fun things.

Character Creator
you had to have connected to a server before you could design your pony or you had to use the onsite creator and do touch ups in game.
the creator on the site is different from the one in game and you cannot check the name availability and claim it from the onsite creator

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Making my pony initially was a hassle as I have the references in HEX and the game creator was in RGB, so I had to setup a quick ability to see the equivalent RGB numbers to my HEX numbers so I could quickly put them in. for the others I just exported one pony code, imported it, and changed the race.
There are a limited number of Cutie Marks in game and currently you cannot import your own and I don’t think they will be making that an available option.
(edit)FACIAL HAIR!!! My face looks so barren without my CHOPS and ‘stache!(edit)

and that’s the last of my notes of qualms, so now onto the

Goods and Potentials and my overall in game actions

From what I see with the current quests there’s a great story team and I look forward to more. I also saw some areas that had no NPCs that I would love to see filled with more quests. The maps are beautiful, the areas each have their own unique charm, the NPCs each have their own distinct personality, the hidden areas are fun to find, and the Easter Egg potential is great.

So as said earlier, early Friday I started in Cantermore and ran down a path and went to Ponydale and stayed there and started some of the local quests (Ponydale and connected visible portal areas) when I got back to the game later that day. Saturday I got annoyed with being stuck in Ponydale so I started poking at the Train Station and facehooved for being dumb. So I went back to Cantermore and looked all over at things looking for the NPCs along the way, started and did some quests and exploration. In the afternoon I made a Pegasus and started getting aerial views and kept exploring things from the sky. Found an area in the Evershade Forest that I hadn’t seen before. Sunday midday I checked the wiki and the forums for any must see hard to get to things to find. I made an Earth Pony for some documenting pics and experiences for this write up. I ended up finding an Easter Egg that I hadn’t been to so late Sunday I went around checking out the ‘wells’ as well as grabbing more pics. around 1AM-1:30AM EST I saw in the forums something about a 4 hour server extension and so jumped back on to get the last few screenshots I wanted and to check out something in the Evershade that only Pegusi or Unicorns could get to. Unicorns teleporting through the invisible walls and Pegusi abusing a collision error with a cliff. in my last hour on I was helping other Pegusi exploit the error, and in the last minute after I had said my goodbyes and goodnights to the group there I recieved a goodnight from another Crazymatt.



Yes there were problems, yes there were big annoyances, yes I disliked the bugs, but I can envision how great the final product can be and I see greatness.

I’m giving it a


pics of things below.



Item shophey look an item shop

Boardthat darned board there. that’s what you had to click.

area to area portalthis is a portal between two map areas

within area teleportsthese glowy lines next to me is a portal between two areas on one map. this one goes to the set of pillars below the game map.

annoying paththe path in Cantermore to get to Cloudopolis. when lagging out I was never sure I would stay on the path.

well CantermoreCantermore well

well PonydalePonydale well

well CloudopolisCloudopolis well in the circled cloud cave. I only knew of it because of the forums.


RuinsI’m not cheating! It’s an error in the code. yep to get here you have to exploit a collision error.

Images may be oddly resized

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